Developing Your Own Photographic Style


Facilitated by Joel Zak

Three Weeks

Wednesday Evenings: 6:30 pm - 9 pm



WHAT: This is a three-week, one night per week, workshop focused completely on developing your own photographic style.


IT’S ABOUT: Creating one's own style in photography is one of the hallmarks of an accomplished photographer. But it's the actual acknowledging and creation of that style that is so elusive to so many. So how do you start down that path? That is precisely what this workshop is all about.


WHAT HAPPENS: Through a series of exercises, discussions, quality critiques and thorough exam of each photographer's work, you will see and understand what and how your individual style begins to emerge. These workshops are limited to only 10 participants. By limiting the number of participants, greater attention can be paid not only to the process of understanding style but due attention can be paid to each photographer's work.


WHO: These workshops attract all skill levels. This is about developing your own unique photographic style and it applies to any and all photographers regardless of your present skill level.


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- Developing Style Workshop: $200

- All materials are provided

Canceled due to this global pandemic issue. Stay tuned for new developments. In the meantime, stay well.



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