My passion for 'seeing' images began during a family outing when I first saw how the warm morning light played on a vast field of wheat in the Oregon farm country. I marveled how it accentuated each individual grain and sculpted wide, lavish, gold contours, changing a common field into something that expressed more than what it was. That’s how it began. I was perhaps twelve years old.

Since then I have played in that light and its many infinite variations creating images that express another way of ‘seeing’ and images that evoke the extraordinary beauty that surrounds us here in the Northwest.

I have lived and worked in many areas of our country, the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland and Boise. Yet as a native and again resident Oregonian, I was always compelled to return home, drawn inexorably by the stunning diversity of our landscape.

I provide unique images for business, residence, websites, multimedia presentations and publications worldwide. Since a website can only provide a limited sample both in quantity and certainly quality, please contact me to view other images that may fit your living and work environments. Images are custom produced to create maximum impact and the best presentation for the client's purpose and environment.

I hope you enjoy this sample of my photographs. Thank you.

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