The Artist's Way
Expanding Creative Vision

for all artists, writers, poets, creatives!




Facilitated by Joel Zak, digital artist / photographer.



  • Meets EVERY Wednesday evening for 7 consecutive weeks.
  • Starts  - Wednesday, XXX
  • Ends -  Wednesday, XXX



  • $185.00 per person.
  • Once committed there are no refunds.
  • Click on the red "Yes, Save My Place!" button.
  • If you wish to make other arrangements for payment OTHER than on-line, contact me at the "Questions?" link below. I'm happy to accommodate.



  • Bring your own copy of "The Artist's Way"  by Julia Cameron.
    • Support your local bookstore.
  • Bring your own notebook and pen/pencil of choice.




Questions? Contact me.

WHAT: This is a 7-week, intensive workshop  based on “The Artist’s Way”  by Julia Cameron. The purpose of this  workshop is to explore our creative path, to identify and remove the blocks to making better art, writings, poetry and  to open doors to advancing our creativity. I chose to alter this typically 12-week course  to seven weeks to accommodate schedules and to make it more accessible to a wider audience. However, by shortening the schedule to just seven weeks, this in turn requires intensive work to concentrate on the process. I limit each workshop to only 10 people at a time to ensure that attention can be paid to the process.


IT’S ABOUT: This workshop is about getting to the real driving force behind creating art: your HEAD~HEART~IMAGINATION~INSPIRATION. When you engage this process your art begins to clearly and consistently reflect a quality, style and an emotional impact that you haven’t seen before.  This  workshop is all about removing those blocks and opening doors to your own inherent creative process.


WHAT  HAPPENS: In  this  workshop we move through the chapters and execute various exercises designed to focus and expand upon your inherent creativity.


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Canceled due to this global pandemic issue. Stay tuned for new developments. In the meantime, stay well.

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